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Swedish music producer active between 1999-2001. My other aliases were D&A and Haziza.

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Fun 2019 NEWS

A remix of my old track Hooliganz on Acid was played by DJ Charlotte de Witte at ADE 2019.

Johan Claesson – Hooliganz On Acid (D&A Remix) Johan Claesson – Hooliganz On Acid (Paul Gaarn Remix)

My remix has no elements of the original track by Johan Claesson. Completely new melody and everything. The remix was released by Telica Records in 1999 on vinyl. My remix was remixed by Pablo Gargano (Paul Gaarn), the boss at Telica Records. His remix is only based on my version, so it’s a remix of my remix. Spacecorn - Axel F I made a remix of the famous Axel F theme from the movie Beverly Hills Cop. Released in 2001 the remix reached #10 on the UK Club Chart and and #74 on the UK Singles chart.

Spacecorn VS Artificial – Inside of me

A series of mixes based on the vocal sample by Artificial. Some of the mixes were featured in the nordic Trance 2002 2nd Edition compilation. The D&A Radio Edit and D&A Remix were never released previously to the public, until now! The Toyota Redline Supra video on Youtube used the Murder Mix as background music and has gained many fans.

Spacecorn – Popcorn Trance remix of the classic hit, Hot Butter – Popcorn from 1972. Learn more about the original and hear other different versions at

D&A – Crystal D&A - Into the sun My first ever single released by Telica Records in the UK. Before this I have only released a remix of Bobba Fat – Hooliganz on Acid. The lead melody sound is from a Yamaha CS1X synthesizer that I still use as keyboard. The rest of the sound was coming from an AKAI S2000 sampler that now just collected dust in my studio.

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